@Meria Mata spotted somewhere in Saga

@Meria Mata was this morning spotted in Sagana along Sagana-Nanyuki highway. This is his starter pack. Interesting is Vaseline and Valon in his cabin. Meaning after food it is Kaweseki and sleeping. #TruckingChronicles he has converted his truck into bedsitter/self-contained.

Truck drivers never masturbate…toa ujinga hapa…hawa majamaa literally fucck anywhere they want


Are you co-driver to @Meria Mata or you are the one who is fucked anywhere they want? GAY!


You were mopping somewhere when he posted this himself?

Should have asked him what he was mopping? Liquids or something more solid

that should have been mopping up if it was things that were being mopped:D:D

Kama kawaida mashakura haikosi waru…

They have a network and procreate along the entire route !