Mercy. Elders, how many are we eating here. I want to wife shawty.


No siyuko na wewe

Ebu ongeza pic

Sura mbaya kama ya shetwani

wacha kabsa


Kwanini sawa chief

Kwani unajua hii kunguru boss

Wouldn’t dare give you any advise on whether to wife or not. But I will be here to hear all your sob stories or otherwise… Good luck

wahindi wako apo nyuma wamenyandua hadi settings kawaida yao

Shauri yako

The way she’s dressing showing a lot of boob cleavage says a lot about her. Huyu atakusumbua bure.

With the exception of Certified Medical Virgins [ IE: Females with Intact Hymens ] , ALL Females at one time or another have been “Eaten” …

The Important things are :-
1/ Are you both ready for the commitment … ??
2/ Do you Love her …??

Amua …

She looks like a Congolese

Ako na mwili but uso issa no gone zone

She has tattoos wachana naye…

If he has to ask…

Ako na ass kubwa??

Yes, why?

Wee huyo dem huroam 1824 kama ni yeye sorry bruhhhhhhhh hii stuff iko na miles on miles