mercedes repair at dt dobbie


This cannot be real…

Imagine hio Bill iko sawa , job wako na toureq wameenda ku replace switch moja ya kupandisha dirisha huko bill ilikuja 50 k

Matatiso tumeyasoea
Kila mtu aishi kulingana na uweso yake

I say it’s a Fake. How did all the shocks go out at the same time. And to warranty being towed? A car can still drive with bad shocks.

Mercedes wachia @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii na Avant Garde yake. I like cars but at this stage in life (financial position), buying one and then incurring such expenses for simple spares would be financial irresponsibility on my part. Sijafika huko bado. Wacha niitwe peasant. If you can’t finance such exclusively from passive income yenye hujatolea jasho, it would be unwise kununua such a vehicle ufurahishe raia.

Is there really anyone who can pay such a bill? Let’s say Chris Kirubi took his Merc to be fixed. Then they sent him that bill? Do you think he would pay 2.3 million for shock absorbers only? And he is a billionaire.

It doesn’t even make financial sense. That merc is worth less than 10 million, probably even less than 5 million. Nobody would pay 2.3 million for such minor repairs heri tu kuidump kwa junkyard and write it off ama upee mechanics waichinje uuze spares and forget you ever owned the benz.

On a serious note though, my uncle discouraged me from upgrading my car to a better model unless I could finance it from passive income - mainly rent. I am slowly coming to that realization. Yeye aliniambia the young generation are busy trying to compete with wazees kuendesha gari kubwa and fucking themselves up financially. A young man will try to drive the same car as him, but the young man doesn’t know the mzee doesn’t use hard-earned money to fuel and maintain that guzzler. He uses passive income for that. He told me that slaving in order to fuel, repair and insure an SUV or a premium sedan e.g Audi A8 is a very dumb move. Unfortunately, most people below 40 with such cars finance, fuel and maintain them from their hard-earned income e.g salaries and profits from their active businesses.

Wacha tukae na Vitz zetu. Kitu unaharibu spare part kama kumi na unalipishwa elfu mbili kununua na kuunda

Kama huna unajua pesa kama mimi na @Karoga usiwahi karibia german masin! Baki huko kwa ma TOYota na Honda fit kama @kush yule mnono na @Azor Ahai

#Khasia nyinyi

You are very foolish if u think rent is the only form of passive income

I didn’t say it is the only form of passive income. Umesoma wapi?? This type of verbal diarrhea could land you in trouble young man.

Utakujia W212 yangu uikimbize pale superhighway uskie what exact orgasmic release we mean by a German Automobile

The only explanation hapa Ni exaggerating the bill by county gavaments to loot the county , Ama Ni ya Mwizi kidero .

Humbwer hiii

Anyway nimelewa chakari on that Belvedere Vodka, i will apologize tomorrow

Mdau my Bajaj Boxer 150cc can overtake that merc vibaya sana

Humbwer hii…W212 ni 3500CC riding on P255/45R19 Pirelli P Zero tyres

Don’t drink and drive.

Kuna khupipi ya mtu atanibeba kwa hio vitzz yake…