After 1 month with the machine, wacha niwaoshe macho kidogo.

Kifaa ikoo sawa sana,


My all-time favourite machine .

must be atleast 3000cc and diesel powered

anything less is for women

KCK **5

Umeipeleka basic service. If so, ilikudent how much? I’m curious.

:DBado unataka akuobey anunue ile gari unataka anunue?

Nimeuliza swali…meffi

Auto Express…


Minor services.
Oil, oil filter, Air filter

Zii A 2012 hii

Gari swagi

Thats a nice car you have there boss. As for me, right now am driving an eight year old Japanese jalopy but I also dream of driving a german machine one day.:smiley:
The famous Lupita nyongo once told us that all our dreams are valid.:D:D Below is my ultimate dream german machine… a speed demon with 700 horses powering the rear wheels.


Boss, mbona hukuchukua AMG trim? Complete with those sexy AMG branded alloys na side body kits…hii ndio ubaya ya watu wa muchatha kuenda kununua gari coast without doing prior research vizuri. If u go german, go all the way. Because the shafting that’s about to hit you…ama wacha tu

Anybody who drives a C-Class is meffi in my eyes

Exactly, maintaining a c class costs roughly the same as maintaining an E250. If you are going german go all the way, usibahatishe!

As for me, if you chose to be circumcised, stay circumcised… driving sissy cars ain’t doing no one no good

Angojeee kwanza crankshaft sensors na power steering pumps zianze ku fail ndio atajua kwanini DT dobie wananukisha kitunguu ya C class drivers kama nonsense

Nice car and sleek

Heheh. @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii najua DNA yako. Si uwache jamaa afurahie mali yake pole pole. Maybe his taste differs from yours :smiley:

You are assuming that he is a peasant. Atalia tu kama ni “birrionea” regular amepata windfall ya 3 mil akadhani ni bigfish. So, unless you know him and his finances personally, give him a break. He may be truly loaded so don’t judge.