Mens' Tastes & Preferences Here Are Weird

When I posted about granny whore, Jane Njenga, yesterday because I am disgusted by her immorality, I have seen many regular talkers here OPENLY DEFENDING HER as if what she does is a very reputable thing, which is worth being celebrated and showered with accolades. Goddamn it!

Then I saw another talker here who posted some young and beautiful whores, but they were trashed. This is the link:

From my observation of the reactions of most talkers here, it goes without saying that most of you prefer granny whore, Jane Njenga, to these young and beautiful whores. What a nauseating thing!


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Wanahate juu hawafiki bei

Nishawai dinya kiwete mzee na alikuwa na meno mbili. :sweat_smile:


If you heard all the Lanye stories here you literally die of shock.



For juveniles to sit and comfortably praise or disparage an elderly prostitute is really sad …

Most of you in here cannot survive a week of her existence yet you mouth off all manner spectator advise and wisdom about her and her situation…

Shame on You all …
Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

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…good observation. Wanajua hawezi fikia warembo so they prefer wale wamechapa. You will notice how they celebrate mwanamke aki hit the mighty wall. It gives them peace.

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You love whales Doggtari. You’re in no position to judge anyone.


Wadau wengi hapa wamesalimiana through yule bubu/kiwete wa amar. But story ya mzee na meno mbili I think ni wewe pekee. Hii game, wacha sisi tukae sidelines.

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The beauty is in sampling all sizes and ages