Men's seeds

Nilimamga dem jana usiku nikamalizia saa sita. Lakini bado semen ilikua inadrip from the lady hadi saa moja leo asubuhi. Normally a man ejaculates about 5 ml of semen. How comes it comes out of a woman’s genitalia for a long time till morning and even during the day? Does volume of semen multiply? Cc @Luther12

Your chic has a prostate and you ruptured it


You interfered with her bladder somehow?


@FieldMarshal CouchP njoo uone what you discussed this morning

the “others” were’nt yours mate

Hehehe. My bish used to tell me how my semen is dripping outta her puthy the next day in the afternoon after a night of threshold.

Ninakula chakula . wekeni spoiler alert kwa comments fwane

Only a woman can understand this .
You owe it to all of us good men here.
I think we have all been told this.

How long does cum stay in your body @Guru ?

@Mrs4thletter @Mrs Skit @Female Perspective @Phylgee @Miss Finest Wine @Miss Havisham @MissFlour kujeni mtuambie

You are Legion…

Happy Father’s Day 2019


People have replenished their weed supply i see

Is the baby here?

:D:D:D:D:D:D I thought so too…

In Flight mode

following the follower