Niko tu hapa nagonga keyboard nikichoma macho usiku sacco.
Niko na kiulizo. Is it just me ama all men have an uncanny ability to produce gas at astonishing levels? Kila 10 mins lazima niachilie one good fart. Ama ni diet? Good thing is I am all alone so it doesn’t bother anyone.
Wanaume, hii ni personal issue ama wembe ni ule ule?

Fanya bidii kazini angalau upate kubadilisha diet. What do you expect with beans daily?

Flatulence…lakini hauwezi kaza the whole day alafu usiku tena aunajinyima. Pump all the gas when u get opportunity … just dont let it bleach your duvet

Drink water 6 glasses as per the doctors advice

It may be that you have irritable bowel syndrome. Deworm first and get used to taking really long and satisfyingly good dumps. Itaisha or reduce to one flatulence per 3 hours or so. Trust me I know.

What happens when you have gas but instead of farting you hold it.
Where does the gas disappear to?

Release the missiles.

Someone told me that courage is chancing a fart whilst suffering from diarrhea.


Boss tafuta karai kubwa halafu ukuwe una release saa una oga na maji moto kama umeketi kwa karai. Hio thermal fusion utatoa hapo imetosha u produce your own electricity.

Your username and this response…:D:D

:D:D:D… nini inakusumbua!!

This is the only place I get my peace. Indeed hapa ni kama family bila kulog in. Hiyo siku mimi huwa down sana.

Farting is healthy ,make sure you do it regularly, especially when you pee !
I must fart along noisy streets, kama pale Tom mboya opposite fire station, where 44 mini buses pick…btw nikisikia yule makanga akishauti ,I fart automatically. …nani anajua what that nigga says ??

gas inaanza kwenda kwa stomach walls ina reinforce fats. unapata marinated kitambi.

:D:D:Dacha hizo

Someone else had said it gets absorbed into the bloodstream, goes to the brain and you start having shitty thoughts like @SledgeHammer


Blanks… wakati mjulus anafanyishwa kazi.

Is it green energy?