Men's main value is their wallet

Men’s main value is their wallet, women are first attracted to mullah, long before they care about man’s personality or looks.

Men know this and because of that they become the greatest idiots falling for all sorts of get rich quick schemes to try and hack wealth creation process. If you want to make money on male customers sell them a shortcut to becoming rich. Like they are the biggest consumers of betting in the country. Lol.

Imagine giving time to a man you believe has the chops to become wealthy only to realize you’ve wasted time on a balding midwit.


Explain to me why I had multiple girlfriends every semester as a freshman and sophomore living in bedbug-infested Nyayo Hostels with nothing but my dreams.

Elder wewe mwenye hapa ndio husema while a sponyo like me natoboka doh ku access a 20 yrs old college gal kuna her agemate/ classmates wanamkula sare. Its coz they have so much in common

Women’s main value is their pussy.

Imagine losing all inherent value after you reach menopause…

Mkae pamoja na azor ahai mdiscuss izi topic zenu

Mwanaume kama huna pesa hata wanaume wenzako hawaes kukuexpose kwa opportunities.

Let’s hekaya mamie…

@girlciki93 nipe ningware . Ntalipa sawa sawa

Niaje marketing guru wa Safaricom

We were to make passionate love kitambo, get back my deer

Was about to ask the same. Sisi watu wa prefabs Ruwenzori were clapping cheeks bila kitu kwa mfuko.

False. Using your logic random female cashiers get wet all day ju wanashika pesa. Looks matter. Ask yourself too why are protagonists in female movies good-looking whether they’re rich or poor . Even if he’s a billionaire he’s still good-looking.

Women who think like this are former sluts. Wame taste so many dïcks hadi they’ve realized all dïcks are almost the same. They’ve lost the capability for romantic love. And they’re also old.

We all know young girls are primarily attracted to looks. It’s old gorillas like you who’ve been fùcked and tossed away who’re obsessed about money. You’re party days are over, so you’re now looking for provisioning.

Go lock yourself in a room with @Azor Ahai. Mlambane mattercore while debating and exchanging views. Meffi.

I am not your grandmother kyhii

Because they saw potential.

of course you’re not my grandmother. You’re a fully-grown adult chokoraa who’s obsessed with topics involving singo madhas.

Like your mother

quit projecting, @Azor Ahai wairimu. We know you grew up without a daddy. It’s the sole reason you wake up each day at 3.00 AM to type long paragraphs about singo madhas.

Go to therapy. Do some yoga. Everything will be alright, little Azor Wairimu.