Menopause ya mwanaumme

Menopause ya mwanaumme ni kuwa mzee na hauna kakitu, only memories of the days you used to slay.
Work smart,save,invest, angalia familia yako,take your kids to the best schools and you will grow old a happy smiling man.

Very true


Inaitwa andropause

You can do all that and still live in a stressful life. Some old men are living in fear since the kids whom they educated, are troubling/threatening them, so as to inherit the sweat of the Mzee.

You do all that then the niggas do not even come to check on you…old and lonely…you become a bitter old man.

As long as that potential thug that I call a son has a full stomach everyday the rest ni details…saving for a rainy day,then you die. My truth!

sasa eddy ako menopause?

Ongeza…and pray for them to whatever superior body you ascribe to, mine is (God) …

They even don’t look for employment, wanangoja wazazi wafe !
So this hapa kasa jama anazika wazazi kisha hata kabra maua yakauke pale kaburini ameuza family business premises at through away price 11M.

It’s replicated everywhere, we have young men threatening their father with death if they won’t give them a share of the land, so that they can buy probox and motorcycles to use as PSV.