As an oracle in this forum, I feel obliged to post this due to the influx of men bi.tching about school fees etc in recent weeks.

Marriage and kids are good. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they wont turn out to be aszholes or total failures in future. It is a gamble. In business, if anything is a gamble, you hedge your bets.

Don’t be the idiot who spends his last shilling to take his kids to private schools he can barely afford and to provide them with the highest lifestyle which leaves you broke.

Be smart. Strike a balance between securing your own future, and providing your family with a good lifestyle.

Don’t be that old man whose wife is now a permanent resident in her children’s mansions as you rot in the village, bald and bankrupt. It happens. Make sure unaokota ka-rent ukiendesha double cab yako na kucheza golf at least because you secured your future too. Hope for the best for your wife and kids but prepare for the worst.

True dat. True dat. True dat. Truuuuuuue dat!

I second. Men put yourself first. Someone once said here you’re a stranger in your own homestead that you built with your own money during your hay days and that your wife will turn your own children against you.

Observe even today pale shagz children will approach their mothers behind the tent wanamwachia kitu mzito na mpesa inacheza sawasawa lakini baba watasema asiachiwe kitu yeye ukua mlevi ama atatafuta lanye aoshe rungu.

:D:D:D:D Mbona kunivunja mbavu?

This depends on the kids relationship with their dad. Ati baba atatafuta lenye aoshe rungu:D:D
But baba anataka kuonja findu visoft…akihesabu masiku, unajua ako kwa kipindi cha lala salama

My take is that its a double edged sword. You realize that if you didn’t educate your children well they will always be dependent on you even as adults. But some kids will never do their part and will be a subua.
Also its only a short sighted man who educates his children expecting monetary returns, rather expect that all your kids will do well in life for themselves and you will die a happy man.

That’s why I said you must strike a balance. You can’t be overweight on one side because there are no guarantees.

Education mtu anafaa kujiua nayo mtoto akimaliza KCSE for networking purposes. Huko chini usikufe ukipeleka private chieth.

Shida ni mtoto akue “Woke” aseme anataka kusomea degree in modern paintings

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Ndio maana nasema hata heri ikuwe ni wewe unakunywa rent yako ukiosha rungu badala ya kutegemea mtu akipangie raha zako.


Hii ni after umejitoanisha kumsomesha Hillcrest tangu utotoni na uni akaenda USIU ama Strath :smiley:

Nothing new here .Your kids could turn out fine, become Nobel laureates but there’s also no guarantee that your favourite son wont become a bottom faggot or your dotting daughter wont delight in being a high end whore or a cum dumpster for Nigerian men .
Life is full of uncertainties and factors beyond our control .

Children,women and dogs are loved unconditionally,men are loved ON condition you will provide.

You will be surprised how many men don’t know this reality. It dawns on them in their fifties when it’s already too late to turn things around.

Most women that end up becoming whores didn’t have present fathers in their lives.

Ukichunguza vizuri, 90 percent of lanyes ata hawajui baba yao ni nani ama walikuwa neglected or abandoned.

@Azor Ahai has a point. Then again, don’t start a family until you can easily afford to pay things without a sweat.

Nimeona wazazi wengi sana wanarusha mtoi dem campus alafu wanampatia pocket money ya 500 ya weeki mzima.

Imagine you’re in campus and you’re surviving with 500 kshs. the whole week in 2021.

Kama ni dem ataanza tu umalaya chini ya maji juu saa zingine ile pesa anapatiwa campus na mzazi ni kidogo.

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Don’t be surprised because we’ve seen such things firsthand. Wanaume tafuteni your own money. Your own prodigies will disappoint you big time.

Niaje shifu

The best route men with children should take is to create generational wealth. Investing in real estate. Because cashflow is king in retirement. Salary and business income is not permanent. Rental income is.

Hii thread ni ya watu who grew up around absentee fathers.

Can’t relate.