Men will never get justice

So this nigga was allegedly being raped by a priest, he killed him and well, you can see what he got for it.

If it was a bitch that killed her abuser, companies would be lining up with goodies and offering her fully paid vacations. Yaani she would not only walk free, she would be set up for life.

When I get powerful enough, am gonna pardon this man.

Sasa unataka Hilda @kanguthu auwe Dentist James Itina @Wanaruona kisha apewe goodies e.g free dildoes na fully paid vacations ?

Actually that’s not a bad idea. @Wanaruona has really destroyed @kanguthu sexually. The poor boy has no teeth. Dentist @Wanaruona plucked them all out so that @kanguthu can suck his shaft like a starving calf.

Now @kanguthu has been reduced to eating soft foods and cool drinks.




Priests wako na tutabia hawaishi maisha marefu pale Texas.

Si there was an issue of him taking some stuff from the priest he killed.

If he had not taken anything the sentence would have been much lighter.

hizi ni gani banae

Alter boys @Mwaniks789 na @Nipe Nikusifu no wonder mmejaza ushoga kwa hizo vichwa zenu

huyu ni ule alitoa pesa kwa mpesa ya priest…?
alijuaje PIN?

mdau he was charged na he pleaded guilty na judge akasoma verdict for murder (molestation sio subject hapa)
courts don care bout ua gender