Men who live large as their families languish MP Matungu

The guy was driving big cars, buying booze for people while his kids has dropped out of school due to lack of school fees, had unpaid hospital bills and were living in a delapitated house. He was living in 700 Bob lodging at Utawala and when his kids would show up he would shoo them away with 500 Bob. Watu wa Nyanza and Western tabia yenu ni mbaya. PR mingi huko nje but your kids, your parents are living in squalor.

Ukabila uache wee shenzi, hakuna such nut cases huko cendro?

Never be too quick to judge. I have lived long enough to understand this.

True, there is a certain engineer we used to drink with somewhere near garden city, dude was always in the pub and on getting paid he would disappear from home for a whole week. Occasionally his young wife and kids would come to the local nd beg him for cash to buy food. To be honest i have never understood what was going on in his head.
Another one, an accountant whom am sure if i mention his name the whole of kamusinga battalion would recognise him, camps at some local from payday to midmonth . He only leaves the pub to go home shower and off to work, drunik…unfortunuately his bukusu doctor wife left him which made it even worse…i have a feeling hes an alcoholic na hajui. Now these two dudes are very generous…kazi ni kurushia watu rounds za pombe

The honorable MP didn’t drink. He was only buying. Why impress outsiders when your own family is languishing.

It got him votes…constituents liked him for his generosity

He was doing it in Utawala, is that where his constituents were. This guy was just a mess.

Wewe ni meffi in everybody’s eyes including early man aka zinjathropus.Jarruo sio Mamayako ghassia.

@TrumanCapote Nyongithia maitū

Hawa jamaa wa Embakasi Ranch/Ruai fleeced us dry. Unanunua plot inauzwa usiku! The son of Muhuri Muchiri ameanza hiyo nonsense pia. Atauma pamba.