Men we are endangered Species

If it would have been a man ame twangana hivi ungeona feminist @Finest wine na plackards

Weee stop mentioning my handle.ovyo. I am not a feminazI. I dip in pick the values I need and leave the rest. Sipendi Ushamba and unfairness.

Hehehe pole , my bad :eek::D:D:D


I get the slapping of the chick, but not the man… All he did was lounge and get groped

ile siku utaoa utaelewa hio kofi na umuhimu yake

How can a lady out of the blues touch a mans genitalia!SMH

What kind of dodgy ass bodega let’s people drink and congregate within the premises though? You are bound to attract shady people who will do shady shit.

Nimeoa bro, I got me an articulate and poised nerd.

We’ve never gotten physical and I pray we never will.

Being female is not an open licence to hit people

Kinyozi tupee hekaya mkuu

These people can be very irrational, wewe hujawahi kasirikiwa siku nzima ju dame ameota ukikosea mahali

Stop dating low IQ’d subsaharans

It’s alright, I rather like the silence

tafuta @imei2012 akutombe utulie

Zurura river road na hizo chochoro za huko n u will know why. Hiyo ni maliar trying to fish for a john kwa hiyo video

Inside a shop?

If she yells at times and gets cross with you,sleep with a smile on your face…but when she’s all quiet ‘articulate’, and ‘poised’,you better run…or maybe she’s not that into you.

Enjoy your youth son some things are beyond your apprehension

Unaitana youth lakini tabia zako zinakuwaga za kypii. A homosexual kypii.

And sometimes you write comments that don’t make sense yaani kufogotha so I suspect you are either going insane like Biden or you abuse drugs.