What kind of wallet you walking around with?
This is mine. Genuine leather have had it for quite a while, it’s quite old but can’t bring myself to replace it. Tumetoka mbali na this wallet.
Pros :Has a hidden back pocket where i usually keep condoms. Most wallets have that feature but wanawake huwa hawajui, shit did I just snitch?

Tukiendelea hivi itafika “what kind of condoms do you use to fuck your wife/gal/kunguru with”!

Google hii designer only 8k pale yaya[ATTACH=full]207831[/ATTACH]

Weh poa :D:D

Mnakumbuka hii?

Both wallets and pockets tend to be too warm for condoms, as they’re nestled right up next to your body and its heat. When condoms experience heat, the latex becomes weaker, putting them at greater risk of breakage.

Then you add in friction, and your condoms become even weaker.

Ya fossils kama sisi[ATTACH=full]207837[/ATTACH]

An 8k wallet?


I no longer do wallets…it came naturally after ID na Credit cards “kuchomeka” na heat ya back pocket…i carry a card carrier/holder which i comfortably put in the front pockets…zile za 50 bob…very convenient

Horse leather…bei, less than 1k but you have to ship from aliexpress…,searchweb201602_3_5852415_10065_10068_10890_10546_5852215_319_10548_317_5851615_5733420_10696_5852515_5853015_10924_453_10084_10925_10083_454_10926_5733620_10618_10920_10921_10922_10307_5852915_5850015_5733120_5733220_537_536_5733320_5733520_10059_10884_5850915_5730320_10887_100031_10928_321_322_10103_5852715_5852615_5729220-5729220,searchweb201603_51,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=455058b6-45ef-40fa-b489-1f6f86c0d6ed-0&algo_pvid=455058b6-45ef-40fa-b489-1f6f86c0d6ed

Kariakor market leather. Buy Kenyan.

Why would someone need to move around with condoms in their pockets all the time?

wallet nilimalizana nazo in campus. This days I carry whatever i need in my pockets. Pesa mfuko moja pekee yake because if you are not careful ukitoa ID ama card yoyote unachomoa mshahara ya mtu kibahati mbaya inaanguka kwa floor bila wewe kujua. Wallet inafurisha mfuko ujinga sana and you have to keep touching it to make sure it is there ukipitia kwa crowd ya watu tao. Ikiibiwa inaenda na cardi zako zote na kureplace venye ni stress.

Because they fuck ladies not men like you fat homosexual bastard

niaje captain dryfry

Can not remember ni ya mbeca cigana but hii in ng’ombe…sorry,it’s real leather


Peasants can’t relate

Kondoo ni kondoo tu.

Do i see a pistol and bullet prints on the first wallet?