Men wake up open your eyes

paternity fraud is a lucrative business in Kenya. Crooked damsels allow naïve men into the inner sanctum of their erotic valleys & subsequently claim to have been put in the family way. Some men not being too wise, dip their procreative pipes into erotic valleys without sheathing thereby exposing themselves to danger of disease & paternity fraud. There are w!men in Nairobi who are receiving monthly stipends for child support from as many as 3 clueless men who fear public infamy. However, one staunch follower of this wall could not be deceived so easily. When his fiancée who lives in another town disclosed that she was expecting his progeny & demanded to move into his house for emotional & financial support, he told her to hold her horses until she had delivered. After delivery (which he paid for), she proposed to move into his house but he insisted on a paternity test first. Two specimen were collected from him & the baby on 29.3.2022 and results delivered on 7.4.2022. The results disclosed that he is NOT the BIOLOGICAL father of his fiancée’s child. He spent KES 20,000/- on the test & saved himself a livelihood of agony from a paternity fraudster. The LESSON here is; men, if your wife, fiancée or girlfriend lives in a different town or you have doubts, please take the paternity test at the earliest opportunity possible. We are grateful to the man who agreed to share the results of his paternity test with us for education purposes only. He is now in discussions with Collins Wanderi & Company on the possibility of suing his ex-fiancée for emotional distress & recovery of the money he spent to pay for her pre-natal & delivery costs. #BeWise #BeSafe


Mtoto ni baraka kutoka kwa Maulana…

Maulana basi alipie upkeep


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imagine kulea mbegu ya @johntez_addi_gaza_ms ama mungich @Lord_Wanaruona akiwa ame chill embobut na cigar like a mafia don saa io una pasuka mgongo kwa muhindi kama @Ndindu ama kuuza mkia mlolongo kama múikamba @PERDITION


Baraka za wenyewe

Baraka ni ile ile… Chombo cha kuileta ndio tofauti…

Hauna adabu fala mang’aa , ukiuza mcoondur huko Monaco na kurudi kisii na 100k after years of toiling hio si fault yangu .
Mbwa hii wait nmalize harvest Kwanza sina time ya mbwa

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The hoedacity

What are you harvesting here??? Sand ama???

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Basi wasiseme I’m raising this child alone coz Maulana Ako ngangari and will provide abundantly

Hee itina kairetu kaseo.
Will never understand why kao chics amesoma kidogo hapendi kupandwa na mkamba

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Junguu Time…