Men using sex to control women

Hi mommie, kindly advise.
Been in a relationship with my baby daddie for five years,two kids and am 24.
He’s never gone for any formal introduction to my parents neither do I know any of his family members because after getting my 2nd born I came to realise he’s married back at home.
Now last year he took me to college but ever since akaanza kunionyesha dharau.
He pays bills, school fees and any needs the kids desire.
Now the problem on December I heard him talk to another lady in front of me,I felt jelousy and comfronted him.he just told me that he will do everything but I look for another man to fuck me.
I begged for three months but that was his stand.
Now I’ve found a guy who is ready to love me despite that fact that I have kids.The problem is that he wants to go inform my parents about our relationship although I feel it’s very early.Halafu the baby daddy amejam ju simbeg about sex,anashinda akinishow…now you’re happy… texting funny messages…
Mum’s what should I do now I wish he could even die

she never did a thorough background check. in addition, i detect lies on the mans part

Is this a coded message from you to us Men ?
Ruth matete style?
Now am scared

There are a lot of confused women in Kenya. They engage in things without thinking of consequences.

Unazaa 2 kids then you begin trying to dicatate to a man who you know he has a proper wife and has never introduced you to his people.

Then unadhania ati ataendelea kukulipia all expenses zako na watoto etc ati umepata mapenzi mwingine.

Basic logic will tell you Mwanaume cannot be happy if the wife or gf or even Mpango is chewed elsewhere.

Bure kabisa.

[FONT=trebuchet ms][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]who will be happy vise versa:([/FONT]

If you push someone to the wall, they start wishing you would die. It’s natural.

Play stupid games, win very stupid prizes.

When I advocate that an 18-24 year old woman should be in full time education hanging out with boys her age…not MGTOWS in their 40s nakuliwa live with my weave and boots on hehehehe na yule Muchatha 2020. If we arm the girl child with proper education, ataweza fika a point where she knows right and wrong and not make silly decisions such as this one.
There is no other way. Empowerment of the young woman…

rudisha kinyambisi kwa baba ya hao watoi.