Men Thong

Nani wamewai vaa hii? How does it feel. Leta hekaya


Upuus gani huu unaleta hapa?

I said a few hours ago. KTALK has some seriously closeted gay men. Jitokezeni…maybe admin needs to open a new forum for them to express themselves. Which heterosexual man poses in a thong…hic hic hic? most men are to be spotted in their boxers full stop.

How does a man even start thonging?

I know…taimagini!! men are to be seen in boxers or commando.

you are very right friend. These forum full of gaylords.

“Thong thong thong thong this is the thong song nanana” Sisqo

I wanna take a sip of your fine wine baby

yaani uliingia Google. com ukatype pictures of men’s buttocks in a thong?

BTW kuja…I have plenty of wine in the house as I rarely consume the devil’s sauce anymore. How about that? good, rich wine. I am not going to bin it…

Wacha kuangusha villagers ghaseer

Wah you cent miss such threads

No I can’t

@cortedivoire fungua roho wewe ni homosexual . coomer ya mamako

Looks like it’s very hard to stay in that kabad. Umechomoka kama Eric Omondi

Yes yes where are you

Eric Omondi ni homosexual?