Men - Things you shouldn't be doing in 2020

[li]Instagram - fake people everywhere[/li][li]Arguing - conserve your energy[/li][li]Gossipping - mind your business[/li][li]Getting an iPhone - Androids have better battery and good camera[/li][li]Bleaching your skin - might lose your identity[/li][li]Overthinking - you change nothing[/li][li]Trying to impress people - might die before your time[/li][li]Chasing money - solve problems[/li][li]Not exercising - obesity, heart disease winking at you[/li][li]Talking ill of the government/politicians - vote wisely instead[/li][li]Trying to fall in love - you don’t try, it just happens[/li][li]Drugs - thrilling yourself to death[/li][li]Keeping a girlfriend at 19/20 - have you done your assignment?[/li][li]Living in the past - this is present, the past is past[/li][li]Working at sleep hours - unless you’re a vigilante[/li][li]Keeping grudges - poisoning your mind[/li][li]Chasing women - make more money and have a good life[/li][li]Forfeiting your career/education for love - no insurance…no assurance![/li][li]Living a fake life - doing yourself a disservice[/li][li]Not liking or commenting on a good post like this one - why should you be this stingy? Why??[/li][/ol]

  1. Writing pointless lists on Kenyatalk telling people how to live their lives.

I sorta disagree with 1.

It’s all about curation. I’m on Instagram for architecture/design/history. I could probably make do without but I prefer to curate a nourishing feed instead.

Instagram is where I follow all the architects. Easier than searching through archdaily or dezeen for eyecandy.

Na Leo jua itatokea?

Sioni. Most likely hatuoni Jua Leo.

Niko na jua kiasi hapa since sunday,niwatumie kiasi hivi

The only useful tip.

Iyam a vigilante!

Tuma na ya kutoa pia

am in support of this list…[SIZE=1]wacheni kukojolea uzi[/SIZE]

Who asked you for your advice?

Bonobos doing what are good at idling and hating. Get life fuacking brainless bozoos.

@Thiem heart disease itakuchapa that is if HIV doesn’t get to you first


Mzee amina …amina firwa mkundu na gày wenzako…:D:D:D

Hakuna kutuma fare 2020

Mbona hutaki @patco na venye kamekupanulia? Najua ni kachafu kama bata but pia wewe ni nguruwe na hadi matapiko unameza, so mbona hukuli pati fatso?

Naona unaogopa kunimention :smiley: