Men, stop simping to women who have children from other men

utaonyeshwa madharau nanii!

Now look at this story of how a man raised two kids that were not his, took them to school until they got jobs only to leave him behind to go to their deadbeat dad.

MEN, stop simping tafadhali an si tafadhali.

Help your friend out if he is raising some kids that aren’t his. LEAVE single mothers ALONE, kwani ni Kesho!!


Hii imepostiwa mara elfu mbili kasee, old news

It’s not bad to reiterate the importance of not simping. Inakaa wewe unapenda kusimp sana

Hahaha mimi ni baba yao redpiller mwenyewe, never simped a day in my life.

Hii story imerudiwa sana

I see this stuff one more time I’m gonna shoot a mf.

Be ready to shoot mickey mouse, I’m sure he’ll post it at some point. Huyo msee hashikanishangi any kabisa

@Micymas lazima ata repost hii kitu by kesho mtu mafwi kabisa :D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D Alafu ataweka a corny title akifikiria amefanya kitu ya maana sana .It’s like he does it on purpose to irritate elders :smiley:

I disrespect Mickey Mouse from now henceforth

Your feedback has been noted, I can see my work here is taken for granted.

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