Men shouldn't get married before 30

What are your thoughts on this?


DNA certified kids is all a man needs with or without marriage , marrying is not a must. kids are a must

…but kids need to have both parents around.

Make that late 30s.

Best ages ni 24-35

To do what? At least one is enough

Thatt’s why blacks have lots of problems

…MGTOW ni kweli habana machezo, ni kupeana mimba an kuruka high jump ya ajab :D:D

AND @Electronics4u this is allowed here now? by wabongos who have been denied airtime? Disgusting.

37-40 is when you’ll realise the true meaning of having children or a family

Kenyans don’t understand co-parenting. Parents can be around but not living in the same house but providing a grounded stability for their kids.
Na watu walipe school fees, medical, food direct…what is so hard?

…some talkers here were brought up in a family where both parents were there…but one may wonder why they are so against being part of their kids life…ATI they were heart broken by a girl after giving their all…:D:D

I always wonder why they go ‘in raw’ and cannot face the responsibility that comes with that. One should protect their seed…their pride and joy is disappearing to the ‘forests’. I don’t know what I know man.

but I’m certain that a larger proportion of MGTOW nonsence will regret in their forties for not settling down and raise a family…i wonder what their plans are…[najua hapa nakanyanga live wire…]

Unakanyanga for sure hehehe, wanakuja for you hehehe. Thing is most of them have kids, huwa wanakuja kudanganya our young boys because they got frustrated along the way. They picked the wrong women. One of them was outed here the other day!!

In life, its all about the game plan you choose. A person can marry early and another late but due to satisfaction, they can sit on the same table and laugh

This is not all a child needs from the parents

Trust me kwa hii kijiji there is not a single MGTOW, all them pretending here are just beta males still nursing rejection by slayqueens and non-slayqueens cc @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii & @Karoga

Hii niliconfirm when their self-proclaimed leader @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii expressed disappointment after thinking amepata bibi, only for him to realize gaidi ako na mtoto ocha. He was extremely pissed in that rant.

Usiseme ni mimi peke yangu banae