Men, respect yourselves

There is no reward in trying to raise other men genes to an extent you feel useless when another man’s child doesn’t accept you in their lives. Work on your frame and get your own woman, period.


Wacha kudanganya beta males. Unawaambia wasistep up, unataka wapate ngono wapi?

That guy must have been raised by a single matha, most likely taken to hospital for circumcision, went home crying. In Greek, kuna kitu inaitwa gùtaarwo, in Western, that dude is considered avasinde.

Mkamba inakaa uko idle sana. Joo nikupatie kazi.


Why would you crop a reddit post? I don’t understand why people here do that. Others post an excerpt from a book or Facebook group then censor the title and ignore people asking for the source. Is it about hoarding information? You don’t want others to find your little “well of knowledge” or what?

Sir you are at liberty to share how you want, I will never castigate you for that, I was only focusing on what I thought was relevant without necessarily going into the gory details

Is this proof that singo matha with a daughter sio mbaya sana?

The general consensus is that watoi maboy huwa sumbua, that is why ukiona mtu amesink so low to an extent of wifing a single mother they are always advised wachukue mwenye ako na mtoi dem, paedophile uwesmake huwa hata anasema unaweza rarua kuku na kifaranga

Because his name is prolly there ?
Hio "work on your frame " is a dead giveaway.
Chap is a disciple of The Master. :smiley:

Haha they can fish me out like the way they fished out @smokin_gun, BTW hizo vitu amerix husema huwa ni za rollo tomassi na richard cooper. Sisi tulikuwa tunazifuatilia manani tangu kitambo, but kudos to Amerix he is not “hoarding information” like some of us

@Freyja hata @MikeOck nilimuona in our business forum - wazua, I think he is tired of bashing redpill and mgtows, and spending 1.5Million on harlots, he wants to make good use of his life. Shida ni alikuja uko na kuanza kuchomea ktalk picha

Amerix…Leo amesema madem wako na kucha mbaya ni Malaya - something about fungi infection from the numerous beds they sleep in.
Nilibaki zile za WTF negro ? :smiley:


Am I the only one who noticed the mathematics bulshit in this post. “my son is currently 11 and my daughter is 5” but the husband came when the son was 7 and daughter 6 months?

Which coming is that? Tuwache ufala

You are the only one.
Assume the son was 7 years 0 months, as the daughter was 6 months. To get to 5 years 0 months, she’ll have added 4 years 6 months. This means the son will be 11 years 6 months (7 yrs + 4 yrs 6 mos). Entirely plausible

Usijali, ni kama hesabu ilikuja na meli but @Irregardless amebreak it down vizuri ili uelewe

Many are his problems but listing a few,

  1. Kids still meeting their bio dad on weekends meaning our simp is only a provider but not the father figure and thats why the boy is already showing him the middle finger and will start punching his thick skull in a few years.
  2. The alpha ex-hubby is probably still sampling the goods without providing a cent.
  3. Wife says ‘he feels useless’…thats how she views him yaani takataka with a fat bank account. But what do u expect if she tied him down just 6 months after popping someone elses kid.
  4. Kunguru hasnt sired any kids with our beta meo…probably for the best for the entire universe!