Men remember we are a rejected lot


  1. Nobody cares about men in this world
  2. A woman is designed to blame men for everything
  3. Emotions mean less than you think
  4. Frame lowers a man’s emotional sensitivity and anxiety
  5. Anger is fear and loss of temper is loss of frame
  6. Women stray when their men do not lead them in daily rituals
  7. Gossip is for women. Reject males who want to gab about personal dramas
  8. Hanging out with losers is how one becomes a loser
  9. Stand tall and proud
  10. Guilt and shame are how women control men

And number 7 will shock you…

(Hapa kijiji we gossip a lot) :expressionless:

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Buda, hii frame inakuanga nini haswa?

Not being influenced by any external influences be it herd mentality, strong individualism


@rexxsimba , telling us about Momo’s lives, instead of telling us about 10 hour erections

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si ile ya picha ama kuna ingine?!?!
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Frame of mind homie

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