Men Only (Lost your job?)

I will give you some unsolicited advice just in case you have lost your job (for men). Dropping CVs and sending emails is the fastest route to the trash can. If you want to land a job ikiwa jobless, hang out where rich guys drink and make your sales pitch there. If you interact with them, you will get to know about any job openings they may have. Personally, I have received very many job offers from strangers in pubs even when I wasn’t looking for a job. Just the other day my friend got a job working for some rich mhindi we happened to have drinks with and chat about football pale tribeka. I have seen such cases numerous times. If you are an average Joe, you have better chances of getting employment through a bar than official channels. Take it to the bank

Do they allow non-drinkers to hang around them?

Yeah, but dont lecture them on how drinking is bad if you need help.

Its tough for the employed to hang out in entertainment joints regularly, what about the unemployed…very tricky…kwanza in the expensive joints where beer is 350/- na soda ni 150/-
You will need a rich guy to hold your hand when going there…si rahisi vile unasema.

But its worth trying one, two , three times…

Conmen kama akina @snapdragon pia wako hapo kwa wingi. Hao ndio huwa wamejazana in such expensive bars.

That’s how I got my first job straight out of high school. Used to watch soccer na beer mbili pale Merica Nakuru

Job ya muhindi nilipata Aston Villa

rich guys na vile hawapendi company ya peasants

Some things can fly a balloon to river Mara

Do they sell legend in those joints?

Just go there, be well groomed in casual clothes, act mature and have a meaningful conversation. Most employers like guys they can connect with at an intellectual and social level. They can’t tell that through a CV or an email. You don’t have to go there many times, just three or four times and make it count.

Zii. Rich guys hawapendi company ya watu wanakaa peasants. There is a difference ya peasant anagroom kama peasant, na peasant anagroom poa na Ana story za maana. Why bother applying for jobs, trying to reach the boss through official channels (unsuccessful 99% of the time), when going to the club gives you the same access and the advantage that his guard is down?

Ati ni mnyambo ya punda

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:D:D:cool: I would have used very different words but yours work too.

Disgaree, Best strategy is the same one as in any sales Job you have to reach out to as many potential employers as possible nothing beats walk in & dropping CV’S.
I got my first job that way I dropped the cv hata sikufika kwa gate the MD called me back! It happened on this particular day he had landed a big contract was in a good mood!
Just talk nicely to the receptionist and othe gate keepers tell the reception lady / guy you are looking for a job and he / she assists you in giving your CV to the relevant person. Be ready for some serious frustrations and rejection .
Those Bar meetings work for high end to intermediate level management but beginners positions I don’t think so.

Not easy. Ukitaka poa join choir ya SDA ile kubwa karibu na kwenye unaishi. Inakuanga na Luos, kisii and Luhya people na wanakuanga na connections kali sana.

Hint: Average Joe. If you are in a highly specialized or technical job, you will still get a job because your skills are in demand. Think about a guy who did bcom and graduated at the middle of his class who has no connections. Did you see how many people applied for cashier positions at tuskys, wakiwa na masters??

For me, don’t force things.

Merica sio joint ya peasants, so chances are you were already doing well.