Men of Nowadays

A recent graduate from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has sent chills across social media platforms after he shared a message suggesting he was contemplating suicide. Through his Facebook account, Alfred Kibet Kirui, on Saturday, February 23, shared a picture of his degree but claimed he was not very proud of it and that a degree is just a paper. He has since deleted the account . The guy graduated in November 2018, yes! he expected by January ama latest Feb 2019 atakuwa na job . What is wrong with these young people. Laughable. A man over 18 can not persevere even two months of joblessness but then when it comes to killing women ndio munakumbuka you have balls. Bure kabisa!


Bure kabisa

Depression is a disease. Just like malaria, pneumonia or cancer. How people keep thinking depression is a choice is beyond me. ANd it is not a laughing matter. Its life and death for those who are afflicted.