Men never appreciate a woman's help if anything they despise her

See what I keep telling you. If this lady didn’t take care of her family by now the man would have hustled instead of idleness and gossiping with the inlaws about how bad his provider wife is.


Hi , married couples ,I need advice and a mature one plz ,when things went out of our expectations due to covid 19 my husbands job was involved and as a mother I took good care for family the way I can through husstle ,hubby refused until now to look for another husstle through this darkest tym I don’t bother his family atall and they don’t bother neither my family tries their best, now last week but one i met with one of their families member & the story I had was how I am bad am unrespectful to hubby just becoz he is jobless and that’s how my heart got broken unti now I don’t know where to get the energy to continue ,I asked him why he gossip me with their family and he was like thats nothing they are part of us , I went ahead and asked him about my mistakes it was clear to me that his brothes & sister are taking note in how am treating their brother ,my question is ,does it mean if a husband is not working the wife should be like a slave to the family because she have been catered for ,back,is it a community watch out I feel rejected and wasted at the same tym plz help .how will I continue leaving with this ppl my heart is in pain no one is noticing my efforts leave alone apperacition

And this you say from your many years experience as a man, not so?

Women by virtue of their nature know how to honey coat a story to provoke mercy and pity from listeners/readers…as a man on the receiving end, it’s best to maintain silence and watch time prove your Worth