Men Marrying Single Mothers This Awaits


:D:D:D jamaa alionyeshwa vumbi. Ngumi baada ya ngumi. Hata hakuwa anaziona. Alitandikwa kama burukenge. Enyewe single mums is a no


Alafu ati single mom is just looking

“… He put me in one of them wrestling moves. It took me forever to get out of that move…” Mbuyu ametii.


Sounds like a Nigerian midget immigrant with a southern accent. Alienda kucheza na hao African American giants :D:D:D:D

@Bingwa Scrotum na vyenye hamnaga nyama, hii vita za mkono utawezana?

Singo matha ata unilipe mshahara daily Siwes oa

Apigwe hadi auliwe, ghaseer takataka yeye, weak genes running to do a video of how ameundwa like a little bitch

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Just you wait few years to come @byro will bring the same kind of shit right here.

Enyewe the guy was surprised.He even run out of breath

Rarua hiyo takataka kanguthu sasawa

I believe he missed the memo entailing how to disappear after eating a single mum and acting like it’s a bump you just drove over.

:D:D:D:D American kids are 120kg pure meffi by 15th birthday and they hit jim and juddo training ,only a cool will think of marrying a single mum at bidenstan :smiley:

Anakaa kuwa 29,alitafutana na mwanamuke with a 25 yo freeloader and he expected to be called daddy? Ofcourse he was going to get faded,. Atafute rika yake with a 2yo

:D:D:D:D:D…beta males never learn ,hata mtoto wa alpha male can see you just a piece of shit and they will gladly whoop your ass if you cross them.