men listen


That’s a whole topic discussed at all the men conferences


Pack and leave my own compound?
Kwangu io doh tutaikula pamoja :smiley:
A man must be a man.

Mah nigga!!!

sasa niache bibi yangu na watoi wanne coz ameongezwa mshahara ama niende na hio barua yake ni force mdosi wangu aniongeze mshahara ama niambie bibi akatae hio mshahara ?

ushenzi thats bullshit advice but madharau ikianza ill revisit the advice.

Lazma madharau itaanza

That is pure idiocy. If the woman wants to act more powerful she should pack and go.

Same advice can build or destroy depending on status of relationship. Wisdom is key here when applying such an advice. It doesn’t work out in all circumstances.