Men listen to this story and learn

Leo Im your big sis sharing some life lessons. That’s why I havent called you the C word. This story touched me so much. Hii dunia si ya mtu kanyaga pole pole

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If people don’t watch your video, you gonna call em chimps? You’re an asswipe @TrumanCapote

umaffi post

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he is just another loser who was not really rich. He had good cash flow, which he confused for riches. Cash flow and riches are different: I have experienced this before. There are different types of wealth, and each one is on a different level:

1. Assets

  • Prime land, shares in large companies, bonds, and other long term assets

2. Cash

  • Includes fancy cash, bank notes, flashy high maintenance houses, fancy clothes

3. Charisma

  • charisma here refers to your likability by people, you abilit5y to rizz people into your bidding,

If you can turn charisma into cash, you are smart, if you can turn cash into assets, you are even smarter. If you turn assets into cash, you are dumb, if you turn cash into charisma, you are dummmy.

if you turn assets into charisma, you are dumb as fuck (example: Gathesha giving away land in taita to curry favor-dumbest, using hiss riizz to get into power, and siphoning euro bonds, smart, turning euro bonds into hard assets, even smarter) (example 2: sonkore giving away money on titktok live and twirrer to get likability higher, not smart)


Bibi alimgeukia…
Planteshen = Suffering.

Just another whinny attention-seeking loser… Shit happens, you learn and move on.

Is good cash flow not riches buana??

Money is not a store of wealth, it is intended to transmit wealth. Imagine if you had been earning the standard salary of 10K in 1997 as a civil servant, and decided to save every penny until you had 120K. Now imagine the same 120K had been used in an investment in 1997. How do you think its value would have translated today? Do you think someone with 120K from 1997 under the bed is the same as someone who invested their 120K in 1997?