Men in their 20s should avoid dating


A 20 year old man is utterly useless; he has little to no financial capability, coupled with zero life experience.

His female counterpart however, the 20 year old woman, she is at her prime, unlike her male age mates. Older women envy her and wealthy men desire her. She can easily amass millions shortly after graduating from high school. With almost zero effort.

As for the 20 year old man, he will have to sweat. He will have to earn his stripes. He will have no choice but to contend with odd jobs, disappointment and rejection. All the while avoiding women. He can’t provide anyway, so why should he entertain women? Why waste his meagre funds on dates and bulshit? When he could invest those little coins in himself? Perhaps purchase a gym membership or some productivity software? Besides, the pretty girls haven’t been born yet.

Despite what porn and Kenyatalk try to portray, there’s no trophy in between a woman’s thighs. Vagina is not a scarce commodity. It’s not going extinct any time soon either.

Woe unto him if he impregnates a girl at his tender age. The stress shall be immense. Diapers aren’t cheap. Neither are school fees. He will finally understand the true meaning of depression.

At age 30, the man has a clear understanding of his objectives, be it career-wise or in terms of business. Few years down the line, he’s earning a decent salary, has a home of his own and a jalopy to his name.

At age 40, the man is in his prime. He is raking in insane amounts of money. He is set for life. He has finally attained a level of financial independence whereby he can reside in any leafy suburb which he deems fit, and purchase his dream car(s) like a pair of socks. He can easily pull dames aged 18-24. The boys in that age group obviously can’t compete with him financially. So anachota tudem twao mbaya mbovu.

This is the perfect time to start dating.


Upuzi…this only applies to men born in poor backgrounds…sisi wenye we were born from wealthy families can’t relate… anyway you are right it is better to ATTRACT than to CHASE

kuma ndio inafanya muandike insha murefu namna hii usiku manane ? smh

Men in 20s are at their physical peak. Bado nywele iko na ni ya black, tumbo ni flat, ngozi ni smooth, mazolz ni tight, wanambao bila shida etc etc. Men in 20s have youthful physique and energy to offer. Alafu kuna these online hustles wengine wanapiga kupata pesa

Not avoid dating but avoid long term relationships. In the words of Kevin samuels women should take up less than 5% of your time in a week when you’re grinding. Ukitoa hours za kulala that’s around 8hrs a week.

You should date in your teens girls are still innocent, be a player in your 20’s girls want you based of your looks, figure out your life in your 30’s and settle in your 40’s.

Mimi siezi date wasichana wote Kenya ni malaya


Yoyo Andrew Tate mwingine

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so watu wakue wakikula filth aka lanyes ama wakue 40yr old vajos?
20s ni kujua how to properly fuck , with no commitment to a particular hoe. mimi skuizi over 25 ni shush kwangu. kama amezaa, she can fuck off too. kula vitu tight dry fry kama umeshascreen

:D:D:Dkuwa mpole…apana piga elder tackle namna hii:D