Men in Demios and Vitz

Mostly i have seen in Thika Rd that Demios, vitz, and other small cars its men in them while SUVs mostly its women in them. I asked a friend why and he told me, ‘Men own the SUVs and the Demios vitz are for their wives but the women are proud and love show off thus they take the men cars, and the men avoid arguments so they drive around in demios and vitz’

Respect this humbled men when you meet them on the roads

Men actually don’t care. I can very much feel comfortable in a Nissan March or a Prius. Bora utoke point A to B.

Nothing is further from the truth. These women are driving their own cars. The boy child has been subdued by the global feminist agenda. Women have grown much richer and powerful than men over the course of time.

A grown up man’s mind - boys have standards like slayqueens

Upuss. So those men don’t own SUVs because of feminists?

BeTA MALE MANENOS, nime left

If there’s an Uber version of your car, you are driving a vehicle.

This observation is wrong. There are still way more men with SUVs than women. Just because you saw 3 women in Harriers and Vanguards doesn’t mean most of them have SUVs. Women constitute more than half of Kenya’s population, yet only one in like 5 SUVs belongs to a woman. What does that tell you?

My wife drives the bigger car in the house because of kids and nanny…

I cant

Beta male detected

Wachana na Thika Rd. In 2014 I drove a 1.3ltr Mazda Demio kutoka Msa hadi Nrb.

Mwambie aendeshee inje asfunje vitu kwa hao

Hehehe… Ameskia

Ni economy.

Instead of embarrassing myself like this guy I would rather own a 800cc fuel efficient vehicle to commute to work on weekdays and also own a fuel guzzler for use during weekends and other special occasions


It doesn’t matter man or woman , purchase a vehicle that suits your day to day activities and can afford to maintain.Thank me now.

Wewe hata ndege ya Mombasa huona tu ikipita tu, enda UK uone CEOs ndani ya yaris na hawasumbui! I owe a Vitz, am a very happy man. Hii opuss yako ni ya watu wako na low self esteem kijana.

Weeee. Mbishes can even buy trains for show off. It seems the feminazi bullshit has infected your brain. Don’t underestimate men. Hujawai skia ile msemo ya ukiwa nazo ukae kama huna na ukiwa huna unakaa kama birrionea?

oyaa @anon94046782 nijenge wera kwa firm yako mdosi…