Men help me understand this

Jameni…OK I understand mtoto sio wako but why mistreat an innocent child hakutuma application. Today I have read of a mom and her boyfriend or husband /the child’s step dad broke the arms and legs of an 8 month old baby. Ukiangalia child abuse stories ni baba wa kambo and mama wa kambo. Mtoto amefanya nini surely? Imeniuma sana. Hating an innocent child just coz babake alimtupa and the moms condoning this bcz you are bitter with your exe for abandoning you. So painful to revenge on a child.

psychology classes should be mandatory from immediately stepping into a classroom upto adulthood. these are deeply rooted psychological issues

In short, that’s a madman. That word is a bit rare these days, but the people aren’t.

Even lions kill cubs wa lion mwingine when they take over a cub.

People nowadays need a lot of prayers …the animosity with humanity is making animals think of humanity!!