Men have taken gaslighting to a whole other level damn

Yeah. Pls go then we can spend next week looking for your head after you have been chopped up into pieces. Anything that involves meeting a Narc alone after a fight is too dangerous for the life we are living right now.

Kapote kubali upigwe miti. Huolewi. You spent your youth being toxic, now all you qualify for is a quick lay

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@minomolokanyunjakoko na @miritiandes wajitolee wapendue ndiasa ya hii Malaya musee apunguze stress ju admin alikataa Kuban yeye

Umekula pesa za wenyewe sasa chuma lazima ilale ndani.

Agreed. Nobody qualifies to be enslaved to a man in the name of marriage. And yes I was toxic in my twenties and I am still toxic now.

Unfortunately your dad isn’t good for a quick lay, he’s old and likes it slow just like me.

Thanks for the reminder that until the day I die at 125 years of age, I will be as free as I was the day I was born, no man will have subjugated me.

This pressure you like giving me should be redirected to people who actually care for your ‘sage’ advice. Mimi sijali as long as you don’t feed or house me there’s nothing you can tell me Nada. You and a barking stray dog are no different to me Nyway, bora uhai. Good life. Peace of mind. Leave my worldy possessions to my bros kids not some kids I sired with a monkey like you, who was busy mistreating me and cheating on me. What more does a woman need in this life? Kila mtu apambane na hali yake and let’s all meet at the finish line on the great celestial seat of judgement. Let’s see if lack of marriage shortens lifespans. Imagine after talking all this shit to me then I outlive you for 20 years. God has a sense of humor. Married folk who are parents die and us wenye hatuolewi tunabaki kuishi hadi macho inapotea. Life is a paradox, Mungu hawezi kunyima kila kitu.

BTW I made a resolution not to condone disrespect from anyone so I will have to block you for being rude to me. Bye now.