Men don't cheat

No woman leaves a man for fucking other woman. The more a woman sees that her man is wanted by other women, the more the value of the man increases to his mwoman, the more she desires you.

Men, make it an habit of having many women around you, talking to you (doesn’t mean you are fucking them) and leave all clues to your mwoman to know. If your marriage sex life is boring like @uwesmakes, use this card and thank mzee with a Mpesa

This is exactly why other races and religions have arranged marriages. Women when left to their own devices will flock to the same bad men. Nothing new. It has been happening for thousands of years.

Men being experts on women, gotta love this village

Hapa umepigia tu mbuzi guitar :D:D:D

Am sure he’s done a lot of research to arrive at this conclusion. He has filled an existing knowledge gap…:D:D. Men in this kijiji are struggling ile tu serious when it comes to dealing with women such that lazima wacheze games…ndio watambulike. Upuss saidi.

Don’t worry, she will tether you and after that monkey branch to me and i’ll fuck her ruthlessly and leave a mark for you to know anakucheat

Hehe…i always say this…siwezi jipee stress juu ya mwanamke.

Hawa walisahau kucheza cha baba wakiwa wa junior ona sasa matokeo

Hawa ni wale waliamini sex ni tabia mbaya…

Not true, my Broda… :smiley:

Your broda is in need of attention. …wanawake wamtambue tu…He is forgetting hata king Solomon kadinya aliboeka akaona ni upuss

A woman is sexually emotionally attracted to that man she can’t tether/get. The moment she tethers you, that attraction goes and you have lost value in her eyes thus she goes for another. That woman wants that man because she can’t get him and man has signs of a valuable man and no matter the advice, she will pursue him.

A woman will always go to her cheating man not that man who has made it exclusive, and she will always cheat that exclusive man.

Wacha mchezo kaka tafasali…it is this way of thinking that has made men simp like nonsense. Never ever try to understand a woman…they are not sexually emotionally attracted to a man…THEY ARE OPPORTUNISTIC just like us men. We all want the best. Hio ni upuss ya HOLLYWOOD movies and Disney land animations. Avoid words like emotionally…when describing women…start using words like manipulative instead. Otherwise utaumia sana. How to deal with women…let her know hupendi upuss and she can leave if she wants to…
And tafasali you are reading a lot on women psychology…hio wacha. The rule of the game is simple…NIPE-NIKUPE. Kama hamsaidiani…unatembeza but inakaa you are afraid of losing a woman. MAKOSA!!

elders siku haiwezi isha kama hamuja tag happily married man @uwesmake mara 50

usidangaye watu beta males are not allowed to cheat waki cheat wanawachwa plain and simple kazi yao ni comfort and security. Real alpha males do not cheat, the concept does not occur to us we are just true to our sexual desires we also do not hide our promiscuity

A woman will leave you if she thinks the woman you are cheating with is of lower social status. Ndio maana she freaks out if you cheat with your house girl

It depends with the type of woman though. A traditional conservative woman who got her morals tight will worship a man who is good, loyal etc

Most of the current modern women however are used to the way relationships work before they got married. They need a high stimulus and get bored very easily. If a guy is just good, loyal she will get bored and look for a fvck gym nigga on the side.

If however she senses that you got lots of options and she has to fight off other women, her love for you will skyrocket.

Kuna kaukweli hapo. Ni poa dem akiwa amekupenda more than you love her. Mpende but usimwonyeshe uko desperate for her. Mtakaa poa hivo