Men, child custody and child support :Story Time

They must win at all costs.

So this is a true story that happened somewhere in Kenya like 7 years or so back. It’s of MWK who was a nursing student and with a married guy working in the bank for like 5 years. Hitting all the hot spots promptly picking her up, the usual rainbows and butterflies before it all goes to shit. So things went awry when she got pg with the guy’s son. And because she was like on attachment where there’s no pay so she filed for child support.

The guy with his ego ignored for a while the amount started to go up, up, up and away. So they go to court. After court his lawyer tells him he knows some guys who can knock her off at 40k. 4 guys. So I don’t know if they’d set it up earlier but it went down pretty fast.

So I am not revealing my sources but it was a copper of course.

So this is how it went down. Baby daddy calls MWK after court and asked if they can meet to sort things out as once besotted lovers and Co parents. The naive girl takes the bait.

The two drink the entire afternoon eat choma, laugh, hug and just look like a pair of lovebirds according to waiters at the joint.

When it starts to get dark they leave for yet another pub but this time in a remote place. The assassins join them feigning surprise at seeing their old friend. They drink for several hours. They then all leave in the baby daddies car. When they get to a place with lots of vegetation they drag the girl, to the bushes. They rape her and stab her repeatedly. They then leave her there and somehow she isn’t dead yet, she texts her mom saying baba so and so has killed her in mother tongue. The Assassins get the money and get her into the boot. They take her phone. Baby takes her to a river and falls asleep after parking. When he comes to, it’s dawn and people are everywhere walking to work, he can’t offload the body into the river. He drives home with the body. Finds his dear wife left for work. He sends the house help to buy sugar something he had never done in all her years of working there. He quickly takes the body out and puts it in his underground water storage tank like the Cohen one. He puts a new padlock and washes the mud and blood off his car as best as he can. Meanwhile the assassins txt in broken swahili to ask the girl’s Parents for money saying they know where she is. They send the money and report to police. Police act swiftly pulling all records, location update, pings from towers. They arrested the assassins via mpesa transaction. They talked. They said that the lawyer was the go between. They confess everything. The cops move to the baby daddies house and workplace.

He hasn’t reported that day. At home they picked the girl for interrogation. She says that when she got back from buying sugar the baby daddy told her to never go to the tank bcz there’s a dead dog inside. The cops got equipment and forensics guys.

Basically this case was solved in two days. However it took 7 years to get a 25 year conviction. A few years into the case the lawyer a real wheeler dealer type died of a very aggressive type of cancer.

The moral of this story is, killing a human being isn’t like killing a chicken or a dog to use the man’s analogy. Crazy blunders will happen no matter how well you think you can plan.

Then God and the devil are both invested in your being caught. The devil to ruin your life and God for justice. You know things are thick when these two are on the same side. Getting away with killing a person is so hard.

Lesson number two, men will never let you win these wars. Ego won’t allow. He’d rather rot in jail for 25 years and leave his kids both legitimate and illegitimate behind than let you win. That’s how important winning is to men. If a man looks hell bent not to pay. Let it go. Hagar and Ishmael were fed by angels. Let it go.

Moral number 3,illicit relationshits are the sweetest and then turn to be the bitterest. If a man can cheat on his wife, you don’t want him, he has psycho tendencies to be able to pull off two parallel life’s. Study all the serial killers they’re great at living double lives.

Even if he’s single, a man who does not want to make an honest woman out of you is a master of duplicity. Cut your losses. Move on with your life and cut him out of your life until he does right by you. Don’t get a second kid and a third with a man who does not have the respect to officially claim you. Men treat you how you let them treat you.

Don’t assume men feel that bond of having a child with you. They just ejaculated. You are the one invested in the child and the man bcz you carried his child for 9 months, and the whole labor of love women put into raising kids. Don’t assume he has a soft spot for you bcz you are his baby’s momma. So he can’t harm you, you can trust him, go on drinking sprees, go to his house the whole deal. It does not work like that. You have the soft spot bcz you produced the oxytocin that bonds baby and momma and momma to baby daddy . He did not.

This is how cruel and harsh life can be when you are in a battle field but you think that you are in a playground. Niceness will get you killed. Stop it. Stop going out with exes. If it’s over. Let it be over. Don’t give mixed signals.

Don’t start things you can not finish. Don’t. Because the devil’s end game is steal, kill and destroy. Always. He sees the big picture. How many lives he can destroy. How many generations he can destroy. Meanwhile you are just seeing the good times and feelings. Don’t take anything from the devil. You will regret it. If not in this life in the next. Just say no to instant gratification. Always look at the big picture bcz that’s the only thing the devil is after. Think about when Satan tempted Satan he appealed to instant gratification. To his stomach, to his ego, to his human desires to be great, to be adored and idolized by men.

None of your wild stories are credible…soo many loopholes…tuanze “When they get to a place with lots of vegetation they drag the girl, to the bushes. They rape her and stab her repeatedly. They then leave her there and somehow she isn’t dead yet, she texts her mom saying baba so and so has killed her in mother tongue. The Assassins get the money and get her into the boot …”


Drinking for several hours can make you do irrational things. And I’ve never understood this thing of drinking before committing crimes. Hata Willy Kimani case they were drinking. They killed her in the bush and left her there and headed back to the car to get paid. Mjamaa akawashow warudi waletee mwili for him to dispose. So they went back brought the body put it in his boot, got paid and left. That sms was the one that ensured quick and immediate action from CID. I had forgotten about that case then sometime this year I stumbled upon the conviction. The guy got 25 years. So atatoka 2045. He was out on bail the 7 years of the trial. So no years to deduct. I hope Dennis Onsarigo will do an episode on it. It’s a very interesting story. Kwanzaa how he fell asleep with the body in the boot. Mungu ni nani? Fear God ooo. You can go to commit crimes God puts you to sleep. Unashikwa red handed na mwili kwa boot. If cops on patrol found him and told him to open the boot?

[SIZE=5]Man murders mistress to avoid paying child upkeep[/SIZE]

The court found Samson Kamau Njoroge guilty of killing a woman to evade her demands for child support.

WED SEP 25 23:21:00 EAT 2019
[SIZE=6]Court hands man 25 years in jail for killing woman[/SIZE]
[li]The court heard that Samson Kamau Njoroge murdered Alice Wangui Kamau and dumped her body in a borehole in his compound in May 2012 to evade her demands for child support.[/li][/ul]
A former banker, who was found guilty of killing his girlfriend, was on Wednesday sentenced to 25 years in prison the High Court.

The court heard that Samson Kamau Njoroge murdered Alice Wangui Kamau and dumped her body in a borehole in his compound in May 2012 to evade her demands for child support.
On the fateful night, Mr Kamau had attended a court case where the deceased wanted him to be compelled to take care of a son born in 2008 as a result of their secret relationship.
The deceased went missing and sent distress calls to her family indicating that she had been kidnapped and was being raped repeatedly prompting a search by police.
“She sent me a text on my phone saying she had been kidnapped and was being raped by the kidnapper,” Wangui’s aunt Eunice Wairimu told the court.

Mr Kamau’s maid Veronica Njeri told the court that her employer did not spend the night at home on the fateful day. He arrived arrive early in the morning and sent her to the shop.
“When I came back I found him washing clothes which I never saw him do during my two-year stay at the homestead. He later washed his car and left for work without his vehicle as was his norm,” said Ms Njeri.
In his defence, Mr Kamau denied involvement in the murder saying the reason he did not spend the night at his homestead on the fateful night was because he was very drunk and could not drive.
“I went home in the morning and decided to wash my clothes since they were very muddy. My maid informed me that police officers were looking for me when I left for work,” said Mr Kamau.
In his judgement, the judge said circumstantial evidence tabled before court had linked Mr Kamau to the heinous act since Ms Wangui’s body was retrieved in his compound.
“The police report indicated that the accused’s vehicle had blood stains. Who could gain courage to dump the body in his compound’s borehole without being noticed?” stated the judgment.