Men Being Boys on Matters Sex

Growing up, you only hit, or went after those that were hit-able…

Reason being, they were few… Not many girls were willing to lose their virginity and risk embarrassment to their families

So during our boys’ brag talk, you came to learn who has been hit by who… and there you set your next target…

30+ years on, nothing changed

There’s this fine asseous hipeous light-skineous lady who’s been hit by two of our base members …now the rest of us want in!


thread closed

Unaamka 4:00 and this is what you think about?

4.00 AM wenzako wakiwa morning glory wewe ni kupost ujinga na kufap…Senji




Aisee Bingwa hii ni moja ya most gayest post ever kutoka kwako!

Hii ni balaa aisee!

gaaay meffi

Aaaiii bingwa.kumbe wewe ni wa elianto na mayai ya kupasuliwa?

Aliambiwa na Mohamed ati akikosa kuamka asubuhi kuomba ataenda kwa shetani. Mwie radhi

Ulipona mkundu waria?

Salimia wakamit ukimuona