Men, before getting married..

As a man before getting married to a woman ask yourself, if the roles were reversed would that woman marry you? You basically know the answer and i don’t have to remind you. Women portray a solipsistic in their own form and they would never marry a man if the roles were reversed. Try and experiment with your woman or girlfriend, ask her if she was a man would she marry you. A woman will never marry a man if roles were reversed. You want to buy an expensive dinner to your woman, ask yourself if she can reciprocate with the same. You want to sponsor your woman for an advanced degree, ask yourself if she would reciprocate if you asked her.

Look at Oprah and Walton -co-owner of Walmart (Some of the richest women),do they want marriage? hell no. There is nothing in for them. The same marriage has nothing for a man. You only need a woman for two things: the mother of your kids (we are still working on creating artificial wombs) and for hetero-sex. Any other reasons are bullshit.

Women are crying for equality and as men -having the natural instinct to protect and provide-we are giving them but at a consequence. Men are realizing the true nature of women given the equality. More men are backing off the marriage bullshit because of matriarchy society where women want to have fun and settle down with a provider once the wall approaches while men are working hard in their teens, society lying to them that you should work hard and you will get a good woman to settle down with.

So before you commit your expensive attention and resources to a woman, ask yourself if she would do the same.

I cant speak for western world but in african context women get married inorder to live debt and bill free ie so to avoid rent and food expenses… Give them empowerment and marriage is tossed out of the door!!! I wonder why red pill is really getting on their nerves when if tables are turned they wouldn’t think twice… Stay the course bretheren

All men instinctively know that redpill makes sense. The few who seem to hesitate at the unopposable verity that is the redpill must be under some very powerful spell of sorts.

Many men have tried to deny or oppose marriage in their youth, squandered alot of valuable time and money in extra-curricular activities such as chasing lanyes only to realize that - just like death - marriage is an inescapable reality for the average joe. Unaoa a former kunguru at 50 years old na unamsaidia kulea her bastards like the fool you are. Young men listen here; plan your life accordingly. Between 18 -25 get an education/skill etc to land a well-paying job or start a business. Between 26 - 30, make meaningful investments while courting a nice traditional girl, be thorough and objective and sift the wheat from the chaff. Get married by 35 years latest and pop out some tois. By 60 you will look back and smile. Even if you later divorce the woman u will take pride in the fact that u raised the next generation of responsible adults to carry your name. Or you can waste your time in alcohol and useless party girls until you are 70 and can’t get it up without viagra. The choice is yours.

Sildenafil is a heart medicine

You don’t need to get married to achieve that. The main point is not getting married. You can have kids but don’t sign the damn paper.
Smart men learn from other men.
Let me ask you, sell me marriage?

Ndawo ndawo ndawo… How many times have i called you? Listen and listen good having kids and marrying are two mutually EXCLUSIVE!!! you can have kids without necessarily marrying… Many have done it including your truly… Should you decide to marry then do it as a pass time late in your sunset years when your kids that you got without marriage are long through college!!

Hatuoi na we won’t bow down to social pressures.

sift wheat from chaf…easier said than done

Bora uoe dem Si feminazi uko safe .

But marriage Si lazima just get kids with four conservative financially stable women and enjoy bachelor life mpaka ufike 55 then oa kadem ka 30 years utulie

Bullshite propaganda

She’ll Cohen you for your money. Arm’s length man, arm’s length.