men are fighting back through surrogacy

Capitalism will never cease to amaze by how it monetizes everything. It all began with land (it’s weird that land can be Private property don’t you think? it used to be a Commons).

Anyway, increasingly men are opting for surrogacy to have children. Famous being Cristiano Ronaldo. The practice is also gaining traction in Kenya that the govt regulated it. You have to be at least 25 years old to qualify, as a woman, and amongst other requirements.

Basically, to counteract women, men are paying to rent out a womb so as to get a child without the hassle of dealing with a woman- who may or may not stick to the end. The man not only pays the woman money to have the baby but also maintains her (so to speak) for the duration of the pregnancy.

But there have been ethical concerns about this. Is it exploitation of poor women? (only rich men can afford surrogacy). Is it a form of prostitution? Is it child trafficking by another name? And what about effects on child upbringing?

Surrogate men!
That must be those weirdo homos in closet.


@girlciki93, I call it the CR7 option. For me it’s the best way to deal with women who feel entitled just because they happen to have given birth to your kids. Or those who use your kids to blackmail you. You get to experience the joys of parenthood, without all that other baby momma drama.


Yani those men harvest an egg from another lady and get them fertilized ndio iwe implanted kwa surrogate mother?!

Personally I have to admit I have been thinking of taking this option and hiring an elderly nanny to provide the motherly affection. Not that I hate women or anything, just that I love my life the way it is without anybody telling me what to do…sex is no biggy, I don’t struggle much with getting it…the only thing I desire is personal fulfillment.


That and also just buying out a girl if you want to be a single father or are gaaaaayyyyyy

But what about the child’s need for a mother that you deliberately deny him or her

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Just as there are sperm banks, so too are there ova banks.

And what about the question of ethics? You will practically be buying a child. A surrogate mother in Kenya said it was traumatic

Trust me you don’t want an answer to this.

nothing can offend me except physical harm

@denis young…a child will inamisha your life upside down even more than a wife. They wake up usiku, they get ill ovyo ovyo, demand attention and woe unto you if you get a disabled child. From the little I have read about you please wacha hiyo maneno. Inaonekana huwezi toboa.
I think this avenue should be leftopen for those that cannot get a baby naturally. Otherwise it is all selfishness because when that child grows up, they will ask who their mother is.


I just learnt something new.


That admittedly presents a challenge, but if surrounded by mother figures (nanny, grandma, aunts etc) I think the child should turn out fine. While having a mother is a very big deal, I think the environment a child is raised in matters more. All the evil people the world has ever had had mothers after all.
My biggest worry would be having to explain to my child the reason why s/he doesn’t have a mother.


I was a member of sperm donation for a year and thought of thinking my kid will be raised by lesbian mom always gives me goosebumps. Lord have mercy.


We could also ask what about the childs need for a father in single mother houses


Karema -Hiti but the surrogate child already has a father and a bloody selfish one at that,

Women have been denying children the right to their fathers for ages. Especially the entitled so called feminazis

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You’ve never heard of women having their eggs harvested and preserved?:confused: Childless cancer victims are among those to whom this option is often attractive.

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What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as well.

I don’t sanction or condemn it wholesale, it should be on a case-by-case basis.