Men and compartmentalizating

The true crime story of our age. Chris Watts case. So this guy kills his pregnant wife and 2 kids below age 4,buries the wife in a shallow grave, carries his strangled kids up the stairs to an oil tank, squeezes them through a hole 8.5 inches. Then he gets back to work, chats with his mistress, sends her photos like nothing happened. Walahi ogopa wanaume. Just look at the interview he gave after his neighbor reported his wife and kids missing. I would be having a mental breakdown. Yall need to gimme this level of compartmentalisation. Mad respect for FBI interrogation tactics though.

Please ladies don’t date married men, if a man can cheat on his wife and the mother of his children then he’s capable of just about anything including killing, you, his wife and his kids. I don’t know how this woman feels about herself after all this.

Mistresses who were killed after they got pregnant. He was her kids God father. So much for friendship and friends with benefits.

I should also post a clip of women whoring and say all women are whores. Your title inageneralize this trait to all men. That is a psychopath.
Ama umegraduate click bait class ya digi kihii