Hello Guys,

It’s with a heavy heart that I inform the village of my intention to leave for good; @administrator kindly archive my contribution for future generation.

To the fags @cheekbusta @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! @adapter who have found a safe space in this village…my conservative self couldn’t in good conscience continue to be in commune with you. Good luck in Ur boot escapades.

To the unhinged souls read @TrumanCapote all the best.

Yours Faithfully,

see you tomorrow

Meffi wewe. Log out. Ghaseer

you should have just left without shouting. ungepitia mlango ya nyuma

To the depraved characters @cortedivoire village’s psycho @ChifuMbitika forgotten fag @chap have a restful day.

Tree holder…Meffi Kabisa…Shenzi

Mlango ya nyuma ndio ulipenda

Adios amigo


Shameless fag naona stud wako amerudi… wacha kujifanya unatoka kijiji na ni coz utakua unafirwa mwezi mzima and you can’t show your face around here coz of shame. Shieenzi sana.

Bakwa bila lube mbwa

Will never understand Ur fascination with sex without lube…with me…Fag

I’m sorry for you and your craving for approval from strangers, pili just fuck off, this is an anonymous group so I don’t have to prove myself to strangers.
My advice, stop projecting your insecurities on other people. It took me days to even see your post so I don’t Care about your nonsense. Sort out your issues but don’t involve me you coward