Memorial service for late Githae Kiereini held today

Shine on Githae, RIP
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@Meria Mata niaje,

Poa bro.
Ya masiku, sijakuona kwa nomination Leo

Ya masiku si mbaya, huku kwetu kakamega sikuskia mambo ya nomineshen nliangalilia kwa tv tu,lakini of course tuko pamoja

hio mazishi ilikua na who is who in the business world at one time githunguri almost shed a tear!

He did shed tears, akiangalia buddy yake naakijua saa hii Hana son wakurithi mali yote must hurt. You know how highly sons are regarded in African society, my uncle got a son on the ninth try from one wife, ile raha ilikua hio boma Acha tu, first time kuona mtu amechinja ngombe kwake

God is very funny and likes to play practical jokes on us yaani anakupatia all what your heart desires but anakunyima the one thing that would cement your legacy! the heir to the throne, considering that its a man who determines the sex of the child hapa huwezi laumu bibi. By the way these prominent business men tycoons are in their advanced ages starting from rwathia group to majority i saw yesterday hope they have succession in place son or not to avoid ugly scenes of siblings fighting and letting propery ruin like njengas hotel in msa. kuna a gentleman who broke down in tears during the sermon hebu tafuta video methinks ni yule jamaa wetu hapa who left hastily!

Spot @jimmy_m

waah all sons gone…

Naona ako na brother wawili douglas na the late mburu ama


aah OK there has been a narrative that the old man has no sons left.Must have been inaccurate

While researching more on the story I came across this article which is worthy of tbt.
Eunice Muringo was Kenya’s longest-serving Chief Nursing Officer .
She was President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s first nurse, our longest serving Chief Nursing Officer, Kenya’s ‘Florence Nightingale.’
Eunice Muringo Githae’s career path was because, “I was attracted to the idea of helping the sick and helpless,” she told Conversations with High Achievers in 2011. Interest heightened at Loreto Convent High School Limuru where a teacher had a niece who was a nurse. After clearing from Loreto in 1958, the daughter of chief Robert Githae and sister to Prof Micere Githae Mugo and former Finance minister Robinson Njeru Githae, was enrolled by her father in a Southampton nursing college, England.
Young Muringo interned at the Southampton General Hospital in 1959. By the time Kenya gained her independence in 1963, Muringo had a diploma, and a State Certified midwife from the Memorial Maternity in Edinburg, Scotland.
King George VI Hospital, later Kenyatta National Hospital, was her first posting, before leaving for New Zealand’s Victoria University School of Nursing in 1966.
Charles Njonjo was ‘Jerry’s best man
While working as the President’s nurse, the Permanent Secretary for Defense in the Kenyatta administration was Jeremiah Gitau Kiereini, later head of the Civil Service. The two married in November 1971 at their Karen residence off Archer Gardens. It was brief. Only a few friends and family attended. Nairobi PC John Mburu (who banned daytime discos at the time) conducted the civil union in which Grace Koinange was matron-of-honour, Attorney General Charles Njonjo was ‘Jerry’s best man.
She became officially Eunice Muringo Kiereini who was instrumental in the formation of the National Nurses Association of Kenya in 1967, two years before she was appointed Chief Nursing Officer.
She became the first black African woman President of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), taking over from Australia’s Olive Anstey in Los Angeles, USA that July of 1981. It was during her tenure that ICN acquired its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland!
The chair of Kenya’s Flying Doctors Service, also the first African woman on the Global Commission for Aids at the World Health Organisation. After 17 years as Chief Nursing Officer, Eunice Muringo Kiereini retired in 1985 – the year she received an honorary degree from the University of Tel Aviv, Israel – the first for a Kenyan woman.

The saddest thing is that all these old school wasee worked very hard back in the day. Made or looted a lot money. They did not spend any quality time with their families, shipped their children abroad for further studies…they do not know how to socialise with the rest of us mere mortals.
May he rest in peace.

hii ndio ile kifo ilisababisha kifo ingine ya billionare ve @jimmy_m hapa kwa kijiji. life is indeed short