And one who knows everything, but at times gets angry about your actions (does he forget?).

Stop joking with God. You will cry one day. I am warning you!

You are God, get to know it. But then there is the Almighty Jah that created us. Remember we have all the powers beyond our six senses.

Why do religious people always use threats, is that what your religion is all about?

God is merciful and gracious. But when his anger boils over, it can burn you down.

More threats, I thought your God is a God of peace.

Maybe the ancient (traditional) God existed of which sijui aliendanga wapi… But the rest about Jesus and the Bible is just propaganda.

I bet my left nut,no wait!, both nuts, that he’s muslim:D:D:D:D:D;):wink:

Muslims think their religion is special, that’s why they’re pushing to celebrate ramadhan.

one day you will remember this…its sheer ignorance… He is not man to lie…remember that

Tell Him to do his job then. He’s slacking a bit