Meme coin presale

Wale wanauliza hao people became rich in meme token then answer is simple. People jump in when its on presale stage. Ikikuwa lauched you wait for some hours and jump off the ride with your mbirrions. There is a presale launch that will happen on 13th March and its the perfect time to jump in, price starts at 0.0000004 which is filthy cheap. Token name Jolly Jerboa (JERB) Telegram ndio hii

Mtanyoroshwa Na rug pulls mpaka mtii


I’m sold, Mr Ibrahim Jerboa.

Wekelea kakitu hapo.

It is a presale. Price will start at $0.0000004 and end at $0.0000007, Launch price is at $0.0000008. Ukiwekelea $10 una guarantee ya $20 after presale ends. Its a win win situation. Memecoin ni wewe mwenyewe ndio unaamua ukuwe rugpulled.



I’ve seen my fair share of meme coin madness. Been dabbling in crypto for a while now, trying to ride the highs and navigate the lows. But you know what they say: you live and you learn.
So, imagine my curiosity when I stumbled upon this intriguing tool called Sounds quirky, right? Apparently, it’s designed to help folks like us sniff out those presale opportunities and maybe even avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.
But here’s the kicker: I’m all about hearing different perspectives and getting the lowdown from fellow crypto enthusiasts. So, what do you reckon about ? Worth a shot, or just another flash in the pan? Drop me a line and let’s shoot the breeze about it.

Memecoin has been manned with scams to the extend of overshadowing some legit ones