Melania Trump

It’s as if ni reality TV happening in white house, the fuck?

Message is very clear, kile nashangaa ni what was the purpose?
Was she after a “Kim Kardashian” controversy, ama a middle finger to the husband.

Law 6. Court attention at all costs

understatement. she knew exactli what she was doing - showing the mid-finger to someone…

Mzee leta flowers, morning?

Zile noodes za Melania zinakuanga worthless !

Good morning Afande.

Poa sana good English teacher


Lakini pia, Mlami apewe heshima yake.


What have we been doing while jungus are coming up with such ?


Enjoys your breakfast.


And cleanse your eyes while at it.


That’s funny though :smiley::D:D

trumpchieth burger should always be on the breakfast menu. :D:D

And true to it, they don’t care

Most Trump supporters operate on the mantra of “hear no evil.”

I wonder what would have happened if Michelle wore the same thing.

Same as non Trump supporters … didn’t see you care when a Fonda tweeted Baron should be taken and put in a cage with Pedophiles .

Liberals have the same thinking capacity ya UOTP minions Luna standards zao provided ni Republican amefuck up that’s when they can rant

Hio pia ni fake news?

Hilo litakuwa dongo kwa Mama Obama.

A couple of days back, Michelle said she is “Forever First Lady”.

Some people felt like it is a disrespect to a First Lady in office, so her (Michelle) coming with that it could probably be the response.

That was a really really stupid thing Fonda said. Children, regardless of who their parents are, are innocent bystanders and should never ever be harmed.

You are also borrowing this line? pathetic how the U.S. media creates a narrative and people pick it up without thinking