Melania na Justin Trudeau

Melania looks all set to give the Canadian. Look at Drump :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Beta male Trump ako pabaya


@Mrs Shosho what do u make of this look? Honestly sijaangaliwa hivo for long

They say Drump has a small hands. May it points to other areas as well

This is a look of a woman in power. Raiiight? she must have some feelings for Justin. That is for sure. However, if this is not photoshopped, then she must really disrespect her hubby. You know I have come quite close to women at the top in politics by line of my career. Usitake kujua…yawa.
Ebu niulize…kwa nini hujaangaliwa hivo for a long time? tuanze hapo:D
Utakutiliwa hapa ukidescribe the boss na yule mtu wa Trumpistan. Yu will be on your own as mimi nilimkulisha block…kikikiki

Such a look is a privilege to married men. Wacha ni log out before pereMENDE akuje. [SIZE=1]But I too think it’s photoshoped[/SIZE]

:smiley: BTW this explains why married women hated us single young girls arriving at a bash and the men naturally gravitated towards us with small talk. Lakini sikatai msee wangu angaaliwe:D

With that look,these two have done it before.
That look is like she desperately wants a rematch.

That is for sure and she is re-assured it will happen but pls be nice to FireOne Euler. He is ‘missing that look’. :smiley:



Ebu rudi hapa kiasi to re-tweet the line aove… What is your line of work yawa ?



Huyu melanie ni mwoto wa kuotea mbali. A former model is still bangable like shiiit…but i doubt Trump has time and energy for her.All he does are endless late night twitter rants badala ya kumtomba

Eeeer if you have been reading me online you should know. No time for twists.

Shosh amekuwa typical ktalk birionea:D:D
I also smell lies and fantasies

Haha haa by re-tweet, I meant come againrepeat what you said. I saw the quotation in some comedy once. I have not read enough of you online to guess your profession. Hakuna shida.

@Thiem, Really ?

You are entitled, worry not. There is a reason why I keep my family matters off KT. Ukiizijua kwa ukweli utakufaa.
How is the weightloss going on?

Leta ya kitambi…lakini hiyo nonsense ya fasting uwache. Also losing 2Kgs in 2 weeks is worrying…I am no expert tho…

Sina ya kitambi…labda ya my 7inch fat dickk