Supposedly,some could see her appendix

Kuna kitu wrong hapo…

Huyu atapata nightmares. [ATTACH=full]252591[/ATTACH]

chic in the yellow hat is thoroughly unimpressed



Weuh! Guys are traumatised… kweni waliona nini!


i think wameona kuma yenye haileti shangwe. labda kuna msitu.

@forestmonkey si atakojolewa mdomo?

@Josto Bwaku

Hizi comments bana :D:D. I can see my guy ratemo hapo.

Is that a chic or a guy??

:D:D for 2 million kwachas spot the homosexual :D:D:D

How old are you like really?

ilihappen area gani?



Huyu mecho zimeanza kushikwa na cataracts :D:D:D
if the spready was not enough for this cat,i would definately like to see what distracted him

@uwesmake kwani wewe ni watchman,hujalala? ama umeamuka kukoja?:D:D:D:D:D