megafool rumoured dead

A former intelligence officer Evarist Chahali on Saturday morning broke the news that Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has passed away today at 5.30pm East African Time (1430 GMT) at Mzena Hospital in administrative capital Dar es Salaam.

However, Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who according to the Tanzanian Constitution is next on the line to become the new President, has not been informed. It is reported that the Director General of the East African nation’s spy agency Diwani Athumani and Magufuli’s personal physician, Professor Mchembe are withholding the deceased body while plotting to install the late President’s closest associate, Chamuriho as VP [MEDIA=twitter]1370475989357191170[/MEDIA]

Developing story…

News of the death of a big man anytime from now will not be surprising. The idiot may be dead for a week now na until some things are in order, it will not be publicly announced.

At this point I can’t tell if the Tanzanians are playing 4D chess or this is all just propaganda.

It’s either Magafuli is dead, or he’s in a vegetative state.

Or maybe he’s still in India recuperating, which is highly unlikely considering the radio silence from the people surrounding him.

Suluhu should be sworn in as president ASAP!

Wah…angewaachia madini tu

The man is very fine.

ooliskia wapi

If you see authoritative media like NMG headlining such news, jua nikubaya coz they might be knowing more than we do:

You people said he was in Nairobi, then to India. And then in Dar es salaam. Mbona mwajimix Sana ee. The man is very fine and strong

These guys got intel. The key here is: they know they are not the ones to declare that the strongman is gone.

Hawa watasukumwa kortini tena

ooliskia wapi that he is fine

Fine and strong

Baba aende akajismamishe uko sasa… Agwache kusumbua 254

punguza ganja no election in tz mama suluhu takes over and completes the term