Meet The TFENDER, A Toyota ProBox That Wants To Be A Land Rover Defender

The Tokyo Auto Salon is the perfect place for unusual conversions and this is exactly what Japanese tuner ESB Style has in store for this year. We are talking about the pictured Toyota Probox which has been modified to look like a Land Rover Defender together with a suspension lift for an adventurous stance.


The new bumper closely mirrors the one on the Defender, transforming the exterior of the station wagon. The Toyota emblem is replaced by “TFENDER” lettering on a bonnet extension, while the halogen headlights are modified to look like Land Rover’s LEDs with the help of special covers.

The new face is combined with a body-colored C-pillar reminiscent of the Defender, a suspension lift kit that increases ground clearance by 30 mm (1.2 inches) or 40 mm (1.6 inches), and a set of white-painted CLS TC01 alloy wheels shod in grippy off-road tires. At the back ESB Style added a custom rear bumper with an oversized skidplate and taillight covers to make them look slimmer.

Very nice…

Zinaanza kubeba miraa lini?

Wanaharibu ngare ya miraa

Why on hell would a probox want to look like a Range Rover?

I owned an AWD probox for a year. It was good kuendea mboga endarasha and parts of kinangobu where most pickups couldn’t get. The guy who was the driver later confessed that alikua anapata side hustle ya kuletea other buyers merchandise kwa tarmac.

Iko time nilidrive probox mbichi. Kuna vile hiyo gari iko na mbio bana.