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she was my first love, first to see my manhood after it was cut mercilessly without fear by mugo a man from the outskirts of tumutumu and needlessly to leave a small chunk of that meat in the bottom of it after all that agony i went thro,how i dint know jessy wa mbaire would come to scream at times cry …lack words everytime i would tease before penetrating inbetween his thighs with my 5.4 inch(back then) with a spoiler in the bottom…
We decided me and my lazy body we should head straight to karima ga itiati a place I was born and bred…where i used to school with jessy wa mbaire…I come from a hill the highest place in karatina in terms of elevation and every day I would go down and later climb the hill for almost 18 years of my was really bad that I had a dog called bob but every one called it mutikai coz of poor health,but don’t judge me,bob was very healthy and toned that you could see his cubes protruding in his chest to a point he had maskwembe kwa miguu juu ya kukwea mlima itiati…All the bones and miteni(mitura) I brought him from a friend who had a butchery in kiawarigi was channelled to that hill for his daily maneuverability…
after 10 years of hiding in nairobi shanties I was welcomed in a heroes way with happiness and trigger moments,how life has gone on in this places how electricity is in every house,how nduruku bought an old pickup tougher after safaricom decided to install a transmission tower in his shamba leaving ours just beside
how jessy wa mbaire has bore children like a calling with his man,a timber tractor operator…We had time to mingle and a lot of Kikikiki laughter after some few revisions of our memories together,how she blamed me of not having time to call or visit…of how nairobi has consumed me.maybe all dreams and ambitions don’t come true or how you planned… call her mama shaddy,au shiku ama ata ukipenda mama Jayden…surely life has moved on…have we!?

still in thinking with you


coming in 5 4 3 2…

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" he was my first love" thought I ddnt read well, then
“penetrating between his thighs…”
Then am like SHIT, closet imepigwa dafrau.


i would tease before penetrating inbetween his thighs with my 5.4 inch(back then) with a spoiler in the bottom…


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Aaahhh shait. Ndugu na dada kujeni muone basha wa kwanza kutoka Karatina.

@mayekeke uyu mundu niaratuthukiria ritwa mani…


Sasa hii ni nini umeandika? Bure kabisa

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wallahi ata me sijaget anything, aki there is no embarrassing thing like a V. E writing like a toddler



To be honest hii kijiji has taught me to be hekaya critic. Kuna mtu aliandika hekaya ndege on Facebook had 50+ likes. It was disappointing takataka.
Hii hata sijasoma.


Hekaya ni za wachache, better luck next time @wildfrank


ndio maana mimi husoma comments before niaze hekaya


This is what happens when exams are stolen…

“…the highest place in karatina in terms of elevation”

Hii tautology ni noma msee.

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Wild frank,by any chance did you skool at Kanjuri High?

What the fuck mate?

Yaani umekaa miaka kumi kabla urudi nyumbani!?