Meet the man who owns Mombasa airport runway - walighula


Those who wronged the lion of Sugoi will face the music. From Moi and his associates to Kenyatta and his associates. By the time he will be done with them, they will be flocking Sugoi farm to pay homage. Watafinywaaaaaaaaa!!

This one has been a Sugoi supporter…!

will the sugoi cat be president for ever? Hata yeye atafinywa siku moja

There is no greater thief than that “lion”. Kales are born thieves.

Kulei is Ruto guy…I mean Rutodeh alikuja Koito ya kijana wa Kulei.

What goes around…

Kipmeno looters should be punished. Genetic studies on looting gene must also be done. How come every day EACC is going after a different meno nje?

Is he going to live forever ? Even Moi was there and he died so amalize aende. And if he wants to play dirty let him do it, he better not forget that what he does to others is what will happen to his family. Gideon , Uhuru and others will can survive a century without working and still make millions if not billions . Si majamaa wakuweka pesa Postbank ama Rafiki, their money has been cleaned and banked in London, Geneva etc. On the other hand Gachagua is a thief who has to keep his money in Kenya since he can’t pass the KYC requirements for foreign accounts. Ruto will back but any attempts to try hold Uhuru or Gideon down will lead to another 10 years before Unga prices come down.

Sasa unataka kulia?:D:D Kwani huyo Kenyatta na Gideon wao wataishi milele?

Connection owners wakitoka kwa uongozi unabaki mashakani

Nope I don’t give a shiet as huslas get screwed for their ignorance. I am just annoyed how you think that Ruto owns and controls Kenya ; he many be president but he is no Emperor Palpatine and sooner or later the resistance will start.

We all know he is a mere mortal. We also know he will rule for 10 years only. We also know that whoever will come after him, may screw him. But at this very moment when he has power, let him screw the other mofos who thought they would rule forever. So stop crying and get the fuck out

Thanks heaven he is not stupid and retarded like you. Go finish washing the toilets break imeisha.


Malonza hawezi saidia hio sirikali