Meet The $100 Million Logistics Giant Of Kenya, Siginon Group

I gave up on this one alipoanza kukunywa four cousins .:D:D:D

Kuna pesa Kenya. Vile talkers husema, kama economy ni Mbaya, angalia bank account yako.

Ps, Siginon is part of Sovereign Group.
Also Siginon handles both overland & overseas cargo(remember the saga of ivory exports disguised as tea export)

Hio kampuni ni mzito

Air Cargo yao pale JKIA iko very very efficient. Sasa if only they had a major airline maisha inaweza kuwa fiti sana.
@shoti_mzito Andy ya muthoka walibadirisha jina after sandal ya CMC siku hizi inaitwa Acceler.

This moi fuckers destroyed the country…

wewe endelea kulialia hapo

I love to read about real Kenyans owning big businesses. Indians and wazungus dominate businesses too much.

I use Siginon and Singapore Airlines cargo…

Ustadh rushia mimi biashara bana.

Actually I think the Moi family fully or substantially owns it…Phillip is very involved in its mgt

You wonder why Gideon decided to support Uhuru? Siginon is the logistics partner of DLP.